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Upstate Speedway

11140 Asheville Hwy
Inman,  SC 29349

Phone: (803) 341-1982

Upstate Speedway

A slot car race track featuring a 86 ft tri-oval and a Chris Dadds Corner Climb Track, 33x21, 165 feet long and an SRT timing system. Here is information on Chris Dadds himself

Upstate Speedway is a private undertaking by a local guy motivated more by a desire to enjoy Slot Car racing with like minded folks than any dreams of getting rich off of Slot Car racing. To the best of my knowledge that hasn’t happened yet.
There are rules and expectations and reasons behind them.
First of all, you need to police your own behavior, language, and sportsmanship while visiting the Speedway. Excessive language or aggressive behavior will get you a pass to the front door and if it is extreme you will not be allowed to race at Upstate Speedway in the future. As you might expect, there will be no smoking in or around the building or front doors. Please move away from the front doors if you need to smoke. No alcohol will be consumed in the building and drunkenness will not be tolerated. If you are intoxicated you will leave the building.
Second, the racing rules are designed to appeal to the broadest group of people possible. Limits are meant to keep the races competitive for those entering the hobby. Imagine a professional football player showing up to compete in a local Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. While he might have fun, he would effectively shut down the event. There are times that will come when the best of the best can show off their racing skill and engineering but most of this track time will be dedicated to the hobbiest and enthusiast that wants to enjoy the company of other racers, their family, and learn as they race. Please respect the intention of the track and don’t try to work around or break racing rules to grab a racing victory. Character in the hobby is important.
And finally, it’s my goal to get well acquainted with all the racers that come to Upstate Speedway. This is a unique hobby where every person can learn something from another. The starry eyed beginner that watches the experienced racer whip around the track at what seems like amazing speeds and then the savvy old school racer that sees a new part on a car he has never seen before. Sitting around, drinking a Soda and telling race stories, planning and building for the next “big one” is what this is all about. It’s more about the community than the individual showing what they can do. Of course….in racing….winning is the goal. But never discourage the racer that finishes last. Walk over and check to see what you can do to help him or her be more competitive. And in this Speedway, cultivating the kids love for Slot Cars will always trump any other adult complaint unless a gross injustice has occurred. Take care of the racing kids. They will be keeping the track running when you’re racing in 20 years.

Commercial slot car racing on three tracks. A 1/8 mile drag strip, A 165 ft Corner climb and a135 ft Grandstand as well as a Brystal Scorpion H.O. track

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Tue: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Thu: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Sat: 12:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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